Brand advantage
China only a family with children of the same name "furniture brands hit TV series", the brand value has been soaring.
Cost advantage
Procurement production scale, improve efficient management, so that the cost of brand products is far lower than peers, dealers in the terminal has a greater profit margins. The company is much higher than the price of furniture.
Distribution advantage
Lecong, Li Kou, Nankang three distribution center, mainly to meet the national regional distribution, effective cost savings.
R & D advantage
Convergence of the best domestic R & D team, join hands with foreign design masters, is committed to the field of furniture design to achieve customer dreams.
Management advantage
Full implementation of ISO and ERP information system to ensure efficient management practices.
Professional excellence
Nearly ten years of professional experience in the production of furniture, production mode, cost control, quality control level in the forefront of the furniture industry; because professional, so to do better.
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Production Center:Export Furniture Processing Center,
Furniture Industrial Park, Ganzhou City Jiangxi Province